Giacomo Jac Salani is an italian alternative electronic rock producer/engineer. Guitar player and singer of the electronic rock duo Interferenze and lead nsinger for the alternative rock band Pulse-R. Co-founder of Quarock Records, during the years he worked with several artists with different backgrounds, from electronic to metal, from pop/rock to techno/house, bringing into the projects his unique and original musical vision.



La Fucina Studio is a modern and great sounding production and mixing room, an amazing environment where exploring creativity and art. The studio combines the latest DAW (Pro Tools 10/11 HD and Logic Pro X) technology and the most great sounding plugins together with rare and popular hardware such as eqs and compressors and the fully anologue console AUDIENT ASP4816, a large mic selection, great mic preamps and effect processors.

There’s also access to amps, guitars and basses and a large collection of pedals. A nice overdub both is available for tracking vocals and all other duties including reamping sessions.

On-line services such as editing, mixing and mastering are available. Feel free to get in touch with us!


Some works.


June 2017

It has been a while. Very busy months. Studio has moved to a new and bigger location. A 40 mq control room and 80 mq live room are now the new working space and clients are very happy!

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September 2016

Back at work with the production of the Legacy record! Time for vocals!

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New arrivals! Capi vp28 preamps and an amazing blue kick ball mic!! Let’s back on track!

2016-09-08-17-01-25 2016-09-13-14-42-31

July 2016

Haniwa and Hyaena records have been released for “Qua’Rock Records”.

hyaena cover H copertina

Restoring del lavoro dei Road’s Angels


May – June 2016

Recording sessions for the new records of No One Cares, Legacy, Haniwa and Hyaena


HYAENA legacygtrs haniwadrums haniwa2 haniwa legacydrums 2 legacy

March – April 2016

In studio with Caifa, mixing their new record.

Mixing a cool remix by L (aka Luca Fucci) for Craftycell


Esce “Il silenzio della collina” dei Tombeto Centrale.


February 2016

Mixing Tombeto Centrale debut record, due for March 2016 for “Qua’Rock Records”.

2016-02-24 20.42.59

“Ali d’amianto” the new record by Santa Sangre is now available!! See the video


January 2016

The first release of my digital label Obama Phone is available worldwide. Here the video!


In studio with No One Cares and Alessandro Magnisi.

Mixing Santa Sangre record

December 2015

Recording Santa Sangre for the upcoming record fue on february 2016 for Qua’rock Records (www.quarockrecords.com).

2015-11-11 17.43.15 2015-11-11 17.43.19

Recording the new Cappè single “Obama phone.

The new Pulse-R record is now available! See the video here


“Aliena” the new Federica Berti’s EP is available worldwide!


November 2015

In studio with Santa Sangre and Tombeto Centrale (picture) for their new records!


October 2015

Luca Fucci “Hidden Scars” is out today for Quarock records (www.quarockrecords.com)

Digipak 2 ante.cdr

This month we are working with Santa Sangre, No One Cares, Pulse-R, Lorenzo Cappelli, Akenathen and more ….

September 2015

Right now in studio working with Pulse-R and Luca Fucci.

Two new friends are welcome: a dirty Thermionic Culture Vulture and an amazing Lexicon PC70.


July 2015

It has been an extensive and busy period here at the studio. First of all we have installed a new console an Audient asp4816, a great sounding desk with a flexible routing.

Studio luglio 2015


During last weeks we also have worked with so many talented artists such as Gabriele Bellini, Opera, No One Cares, Hyde, Fall As Leap, L, White Pulp, Tombeto Centrale… There are more news on the way!! Can’t wait to share with you guys!


April 2015

Two new records will be released this month for “Qua Rock Records”: Remnants Of Autumn and Daddy ft. Torpedo.


Looking for more spices on your productions? Check out our new amazing Roland Drum Kit for a fully contemporary experience!!

IGS ONE serie 500 an awesome mono tube compressor for tracking vocals, acoustic instruments and bass… and as insert during the mix!



January 2015

Mixing the debut album of “Remnants Of Autumn”


Four new records out at the end of the month for Qua Rock Records:

– BUG, Alpha




More details will follow…


December 2014

We have now a beautiful new speaker system: Amphion One18. These speakers are great, linear and neutral, with very deep bass and detailed highs. It’s much more fun working with them!!



September 2014

Quarock Records. We are proud to announce the launch of the new independent record label. We will work hard to support artists in order to give them the chance to get listen! We will also work very hard to stay competitive with costs without loosing the focus on the high quality! Feel free to get in touch with us and to submit your project for evaluation. We will be back as soon as possible with our proposals!



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